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I’m one of those — a person whose memories have seemingly come from old photos and home movie footage.  It is challenging to call up a vivid memory under the age of five.  Or to know what motives propelled me.  I am a clean slate when it comes to knowing how a baby thinks. Fantastically,…

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Life is Excellent, Once you get Going

 There is a reason when a car won’t start or maybe, a couple of reasons. Perhaps, the gas tank is empty. Maybe, the engine is seized up. And there’s always the possibility of a dead battery, a lifeless starter, or an electrical disconnect. Little setbacks or major headaches. Sometimes quickly solved, sometimes a long, strange…

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10 Reasons

Y do Yoga? Yoga improves my sleep; I really like savasana. Yoga helps me care less about more. Yoga allows time to spread my toes and reflect on the space between my eyebrows. Yoga changes my perspective especially when my head is perched my legs. Yoga can be practiced in a bathing suit. Yoga has no…

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