Go Outside


Go Outside – Nature is calming medicine.

Simple, peaceful, mindful, healing. It works.

Eat outside.
Savor a piece of fruit on your stoop or brownbag a meal to the top of a mountain. Choose water and food from the earth.
Be what surrounds you. Soak in sun energy, feel the wind, listen for what you cannot see.

Take mindful steps on a walk, poke around the garden or hike deep in the woods.
Pause along the way and rest quietly. Allow stillness for a few minutes or more, let your breathe deepen.
Observe the motion in the stillness.

Draw strength and integrity from the Mother force. Stand in mountain pose with your feet firmly planted, your heart reaching out. The crown lifts to Father sky. The body taking the form of a ladder between heaven and earth, tree energy.

This is your radiant body and spirit. Breathe into the space beyond the physical. Root, expand, rise. We are as infinite as the great horizon.

Smile and give thanks.